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Manarah Al Tahakum for Energy was established in order to manage a group of commercial and industrial activities with the aim of covering the various needs of our customers and with a comprehensive coverage of the concept of total quality for all the work that we do. Riyadh System Group possesses the administrative and technical capabilities to manage all its businesses of a diverse nature in terms of the multiplicity of products and services that we offer. What distinguishes us from others is that we have the ability to provide tangible products and services accompanying our products with competitive material facilities.

Is to find a balance between the company, customers and employees, enabling all three parties to thrive on equal terms while contributing to the development of our company in general. In addition to the commitment to provide high quality services and products that are consistent with the expectations set by our customers’ standards, specifications and contract requirements.

It is our most important asset. The pursuit of excellence and quality above all else is the fundamental reason for the success of our company. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in all areas of our business. Professionalism is of utmost importance to achieve this goal. Our mission will be accomplished in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

Specialists in fire protection systems, industrial security, electrical and mechanical works, modern electronic control systems, in addition to specialized manpower. We also do the consulting and training process. Our engineers have extensive practical experience in all aspects of our business.

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